We. Are. Your. Church.

We are Your Church

We are Your sons and daughters

     Kari Jobe “Hands to the Heavens” Bethel Music

A new sound is rising in the heart of Brisbane from a building set aside for the worship of Jesus over 130 years ago.

It’s the sound of Christians of different backgrounds and nations joining their voices in unity and worship.

Coming together as a fresh and modern expression of an ancient truth.

The truth that Jesus promised to build His church and that He is the Christ the son of the Living God.

A Church built on Grace.

It’s the sound of the Holy Spirit moving powerfully and transforming lives.

Breaking strongholds and tearing down walls. Bringing refreshment and restoration to real people.

Real people experiencing real love.

Real unconditional love.

The kind of love that brings salvation.

The kind of love that provides sanctuary in a time of turmoil.

An oasis for the soul’s desert.

The kind of love that declares that every one is precious in the eyes of their creator.

And that our creator father desires a relationship with every person.

This. Is. Church.

We. Are. Your. Church.

Our Values

Name above all names

Worthy of all praise

And my heart will sing

How Great is our God

     Chris Tomlin “How Great is our God”

We worship Jesus – We are passionate about Jesus. He unites us, saves us, restores us and renews transforms our lives. Everything that happens at Your Church in Brisbane City happens because we love the Lord Jesus Christ. Our awe of Him drives us to worship and serve Him with all our hearts.

We welcome everyone – We are passionate about loving people. We want to let everyone know that they are valuable because God created them in His image and Jesus died for them. We practice unconditional love and acceptance of all people who enter our doors. We are committed to making church a safe and friendly place to check out the claims of Christianity. People of all backgrounds, lifestyles and religious beliefs are treated non-judgmentally and with respect and dignity.

We follow the Bible – We are passionate about the Bible. It is the “word of God”and the complete source of our understanding of God and our relationship with Him.  To strive for the unity of Christians that existed in the New Testament, When our church began in 1883 we adopted a motto  that we have “no book but the Bible” and “no creed but Christ”. We believe in “Unity in the essentials of our faith, Freedom in opinions and practice, and In all things…love”.

We treat each other as family– We are passionate about encouraging and supporting each other as family. Ours is a family church where everyone counts no matter where they are in their journey of life and faith. We pray, grow and share deep friendships together. We connect at church on Sunday, various events throughout the week and have caring Home Groups for all the family.

We invite others – We are passionate about sharing our faith with others. We follow Jesus’s instruction to proclaim the good news with all people.

“Church is not an organisation you join,

It’s a family where you belong,

A home where you are loved”

     Nicky Gumble, Alpha Course