1881 Church Building foundation stone laid
1885 Photo of minister H Goodacre
1886 First Church sign using first name “Disciples of Christ”


1891 Temperance Hall – church meeting place
1892 Photo of Minister PA Dickson
1892 Photo of Early church members
1893 Photo of Ms E. Ash who joined church and choir
1895 Photo of Ann and Wickham Street
1896 Photo of the Claphams Minister and wife
1897 Church Choir Photo
1898 New Church Home Photo


1900 Alexander Russell Main (1876-1945) and Mrs Main
1900s Debate with Athiest
1901 Ann Street Church of Christ Women’s sewing group
1902 Baptism Certificate
1904 Mr J Colbourne, Minister 1904-1907
1904 Biography of John Thomas Brown US evangelist
1904 History of Churches of Christ by John T Brown
1906 JohnT Brown Portrait
1906 Brisbane Tent Mission Choir
1906 “The Great Tent Mission in Brisbane” Newspaper article


1910 Church Picnic at Indooroopilly
1910 Photo of evangelist Mr Ewers and family
1911 Newspaper report on sermon at Ann Street Church of Christ
1912 Newspaper report on passing of church leader
1912 Photo of Choir and Minister Nightingale
1913 “People’s Friend” Brochure
1915 A.C Rankin, Minister & wife
1917 Annual Church report in Brisbane Courier Newspaper
1918 Picnic at Hemmings Paddock
1919 Photo of 430 Ann Street Chapel


1920 Prohibition Procession photo outside church
1920 Church Picnic at the dam
1920 Front after Church service
1920 Church outing group photo
1922 Minister Mr Frank Alcorn & Family
1923 Youth Group Outing to Redcliffe
1923 Church Picnic
1924 Saturday drive to Ferny Grove
1924 Indooroopilly Swings Photo
1924 Yeronga Park Conference Picnic
1924 Picnic at Lone Pine for conference
1925 Ann Street Church Youth
1926 Annual Church report in Brisbane Courier Newspaper
1926 Youth Picnic at Cedar Creek
1929 Evangelist’s Report by Minister Bassard
1929 Sisters Guild Report by Eleanor Berlin
1929 First Youth Camp at Fingal
1929 Dr CLR Vawter profile in Sydney Morning Herald


1930 Vawter Mission Advertisement and Ship leaving
1930 Vawter Postcard
1930 Vawter Mission newspaper report
1930 Photo of chapel
1930 City Hall hosts Federal Conference
1931 Newspaper photo of Conference
1932 Mr and Mrs F. Collins Photo
1936 Albion Church started by Ann Street Church
1938 Memorial Baptisty Screen and window Newspaper report
1938 Baptistry Photo
1938 Unique Leadlight Baptisry
1939 Induction of Pastor Allen Brookes


1940 Soldiers Help Society Minutes 1940-1943
1941 Sunday School on Steps
1941 Church members posing on steps
1942 Photo of minister Trezise
1947 Sunday School Teachers
1948 “Fifty Years in Ann Street” Booklet
1948 Church photo
1948 Deacons (courtesy Rhyll McNicol nee Wyeth)
1948 Sunday School Teachers (courtesy Rhyll McNicol nee Wyeth)
1949 Churches of Christ Calender and bible reading guide poster
1949 Drowned trying to save pupil-with photo
1949 Sunday School teacher drowns
1949 Man drowns trying to save Boy


1951 Ladies Guild Picnic
1952 Letter enclosing gift towards church chairs

1952 Annual Report
1953 7000 pounds Church Extensions
1954 Ann Street Church camp
1955 Photo of minister C Flood
1955 Photo of Minister Flood outside
1955 Photo of Minister Flood making speech
1955-1975 Attendence Figures
1957 Eleanor Berlin Memories of church beginnings
1959 Billy Graham portrait


1961 Photos Church picnic at Young’s Crossing
1961 Photos Church Picnic at Young’s Crossing 2
1963 Womens Golden Jubilee Conference inside chapel
1963 Womens Golden Jubilee Conference audience
1966 Annual Church Report
1967 Annual Church Report
1968 Federal Churches of Christ Conference Choir
1968 Annual Church Report
1968 Bio of Dorothy Potter
1968 Family Camp portrait
1969 Annual Church Report


1970s Dorothy Potter Memoirs
1970 Annual Church Report
1971 Annual Church Report
1972 Annual Church Report
1974 Sermon by Les Armstrong “Why I belong to the church of Christ” in Church newsletter
1974 Annual Church Report
1975 Back to Ann Street Invitation Letter
1975 Les Armstrong Portrait Photo
1975 Photo Les Armstrong outside church
1978 Survey into the role of Ann Street Church of Christ
1978 Annual Church Report


1980 Annual Church Report
1982 “Venturing in Faith- Church Growth-Brisbane” by George Haigh
1983 Church Photo on church steps
1983 100 year celebration parade Through Brisbane
1983 Parade delegation from Ann Street Church of Christ
1983 100 year cake cutting
1983 “A century of Witness 1883-1983” by Norm Watson
1983 “I’m One Hundred- Ann Street Church of Christ” poem by Ruth Wilson
1988 Church members on the steps


1993 Annual Church report


2000 Annual Church report
2004 Summary of Ann Street Church of Christ History
2004 Church Consultancy Recommendations
2006 Life of Norman Watson 1921-2006
2008 History 1983 to 2008 by Judith Flett


2013 Hip Hop dance in the CBD
2013 “My Baptism” by Hanna Chen


1884 F.W. Troy
1884 D.A. Ewers (Photo, 1896 Bio)
1885 H.Goodacre (Photo)
1888 J. Park
1890 W.S. Houchins
1892 P.A. Dickson (Photo)
1896 W.T. Clapham (Photo, Testimony)
1900 Alexander Russell Main (Photo, Bio)
1903 H. Maston
1904 J. Colbourne (Photo)
1907 C. Watt
1909 J.I. Mudford (Press)
1912 W.H Nightingale (Photo)
1915 A.C. Rankine (Photo, Testimony)
1922 F. Alcorn (Photo)
1927 H. Bassard
1932 F Collins (Photo)
1939 Allen Brooke (Photo)
1940 R.L. Williams
1941 R.L. Arnold (Photo)
1941 A. Brooke
1942 L.A. Trezise (Photo, Photo)
1944 F.C. Hunting
1944 C.J. MacKenzie (assistant)
1949 R.W. Graham
1955 C.G Flood ( PhotoPhotoPhoto)
1962 L.G. Read
1967 L.G. Armstrong (PhotoPhoto)
1978 R.W. White
1982 D.J. Eagling
1987 R.K. Aldred
1991 Stephen England (interim)
1992 W.J. Flett
2007 C. Boettcher
2013 J. Brown